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What does my Salesforce integration error message mean?


When setting up a Salesforce integration inside of Vidyard, an integration health check is performed after Salesforce authentication. If any of the checks during this time fail, an error message will be displayed in the Vidyard platform.


Error message indicating “Salesforce custom object Vidyard Video View invalid: could not find Vidyard Video View Custom Object”.


When attempting to access the Video View Custom Object inside of Salesforce, a connection was unable to be established. This typically occurs under one of two conditions. 

  1. The Vidyard Application has not been installed from the App Exchange resulting in no Video View custom object being created. 
  2. The version of the installed app is a trial which has expired. Please contact your Customer Success Manager.

Vidyard installed package screenshot showing Vidyard Installed Package "Status" field as "Active"


For cases where the application has not been installed, please download and install the application then attempt setup again. 

For cases where the application has been installed and is expired, please reach out to your account CSM or Support the error message, status of your application as well as the Salesforce Organization ID

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