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How do I share my ViewedIt videos to YouTube?

The ability to add ViewedIt videos to YouTube is one of the many social sharing options available on your ViewedIt sharing page.

Follow these steps to set up and share ViewedIt videos to your YouTube channel:

Connect to YouTube

From your ViewedIt video sharing page:

  1. Select the YouTube button from the sharing options menu.Push to YouTube option on a ViewedIt sharing page
  2. Click Connect Account and select which YouTube account you would like to integrate with ViewedIt.Connect Account button
  3. You will then be prompted to select the YouTube channel to which you would like your ViewedIt videos to be shared.
    Note: You may only integrate ViewedIt with one YouTube channel.

Push to YouTube

Once your ViewedIt and YouTube accounts have been connected:

  1. Select Upload to YouTubeUpload to YouTube button
  2. Wait for the Uploading to YouTube prompt to complete. You will receive a confirmation email from YouTube once your video has uploaded.
    Note: notice that the YouTube button changes color from gray to red. Click the button to view your video on YouTube.Uploading to YouTube prompt

Special Note: You will not receive view notification from ViewedIt for videos viewed on YouTube.
Special Note: Videos shared to YouTube are automatically set to public visibility. Log in to YouTube to change the status of your video to either private or unlisted.

Disconnect YouTube from ViewedIt

For a number of reasons, you may want to disconnect your YouTube account from ViewedIt:

  1. Right click on the ViewedIt icon in the top-right corner of your browser and select Options.ViewedIt "options" after right clicking on the extension icon
  2. Scroll down the options menu and click Disconnect under YouTube Channels integration.Disconnect button for YouTube channels integration

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