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Copy a role to another group

Managing user roles within a larger organization can become rather labor intensive. To make things easier, Vidyard allows you to copy a role into another group, with the option to invite all your users to that group as well. This way you do not need to manually set all the permissions for your similar roles.


  • The Custom Roles feature must be enabled in Vidyard.
  • You need the Create Roles permissions in both the original and target groups.
  • To use the Invite users option you need the Invite Users permission in both the original and target groups.

To copy a role

  1. From the Content menu, click Groups and Users.
    Groups and users in the Content menu.
  2. Click Manage Users next to the group with a role you want to copy.
  3. For the role you want to copy, click Copy Role in the Options dropdown list.
    Options dropdown, Copy Role.  
  4. Using the Target Group dropdown, select the group where you want the group to appear.
    Copy roles options. 
  5. Enter a name for your new role in the Name field. This will be the name for the copied role in your target group. 
  6. Turn the Invite Existing Users switch ON to invite all the users in this group to the new group. Keep it OFF if you don't want to invite these users.  
    Note: If a user in this group is already in the target group, they will not be invited, and their role will not be moved. 
  7. Click Copy when you're ready to go. 

That's it! Now you can go to the target group and finish inviting any more users you want to add to that role!

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