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Export a report (instant)

You can Export a report to instantly export a one-time report from Vidyard. 

To export a report: 

  1. From the Insights menu, click Reports.
    From the Insights menu, click Reports.Note: If you do not have access to this feature, contact Vidyard Support to enable it.
  2. In the + New Report tab, select how you want your data to be segmented: by Player, Player and Video, or by Individual Viewers.
  3. Click Export beside your chosen segment.
    Overview of + New Reports tab. 
  4. Select a Date Range. View data will be provided for each day in the selected date range.
    Date selection options.  
  5. Optionally, set filters on Players, Videos, Embed Locations, Countries, Email Addresses, and IP Ranges. As you define a set of filters, they will added to the list of Active Filters.
    Note: This option is not available for reports segmented by embed location.
    Available Filters options. 
  6. Give your report a name.
  7. Select either the CSV or Excel format. 
  8. Optionally, you can elect to receive an email when your report is ready by enabling Send Notification Email.
    Report name field, and export Format options, as well as Notification Email checkbox. 
  9. Click Export.
  10. After you report is generated, it will appear in All Reports. When the report Status is Compiled, it is ready to download.
    Report found in All Reports. Status is Compiled. 
  11. To download the exported report, click Actions beside your report, then click Download.
    Actions Dropdown list. Download is listed.

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