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Email your player in an email campaign

You can add a Vidyard player to your email campaign using the Email share option. 

The player will show on the email as an embedded image of a splash screen, which is linked to a sharing page or landing page for your player. You can link to either the player's sharing page, or to the URL of the page where the player lives. 

To add a Vidyard player to your email campaign: 


Find the Email embed function

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click Share
Hovering over a player to click Share.

Click Email from the left menu. 

Add the Vidyard player to your email campaign 

  1. Under Link To:
  2. To link to a player's sharing page, click Sharing Page.
    In the Email section, click Sharing page.
    To link to any other embed location for the player, click Custom URL, then enter the landing page URL that field.
    Under email, click Custom URL and enter your URL into the given field.
  3. Copy the Embed Code and paste into your email campaign. 

Quick tip: This is a massive opportunity for you to identify viewers! Associate each viewer's email address with their viewing behavior — its simple to do, and it would be a crime not to. Find out how to identify your viewers

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