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Share videos using an MRSS feed

If you're looking for a way to share regular, episodic content with viewers, video podcasts are a great way to get started. With a video podcast, users can subscribe to your content through a web-based reader or desktop/mobile app.

Vidyard Feeds allows you to distribute your video podcast by creating a media RSS feed that can be consumed by video podcasting applications. As new content becomes available, subscribers are notified by their application.

Note: To get the Feeds feature enabled in your account, contact your Vidyard account rep.

Create or Edit a MRSS Feed

  1. In the Advanced menu, click Feeds.
  2. Click + New Feed or click Edit next to an existing feed.
    + New Feed button
  3. Enter a name for your MRSS feed.
  4. A URL for your feed. This URL is not the feed URL but will be displayed in the podcast listing.
  5. Enter a description for your video podcast.
  6. Optionally, provide the required iTunes data to publish your feed to the iTunes Store.

Select Players for Your Feed

To learn more about players and videos, refer to this article: Player vs Video: What's the difference?

You can add players to your feed in Vidyard on the Players tab:
The Players tab with + Add a Category button.

  1. Click Edit beside a feed.
  2. Add a Category.
    Note: Categories can be used to keep this view organized, but do not affect how the players are added to the feed. All players added to the feed will be displayed.
  3. Enter a name for the category.
  4. You can add players to a category in multiple ways:
    Choose Specific Players: Click Edit to search for an manually add players from your Vidyard account. New players can be added by coming back and adding them to the category.
    Add Players by Tag: Select one or more tags that will automatically add players to the feed. Going forward, any players with these tags will be automatically added to the feed. You can add or remove tags from the category at any time.

Depending on how your players are organized, you may opt to add only one player to the feed and add new content as additional videos to the player.

Important Note: Players with multiple videos will have each video added as individual feed items. The title will reflect the player title as a series of episodes. See below for an example:

Preview of the Totally Awesome Videos MRSS feed.

Preview and Publish Your Feed

You can preview and publish your feed from the feeds list page.

The preview will display a list of videos in your feed as well as what information will be displayed about the feed (description and URL).

Click Publish to display the RSS URL for the feed. This URL can be placed on your page to provide to subscribers and podcast search services. Optionally, you can also publish your feed to the iTunes Store. 

The MRSS Feed URL.

Feeds and Vidyard Analytics

It is important to note that as the videos are not played inside of a Vidyard player, the viewer analytics for videos consumed as podcasts will not be tracked in Vidyard. If the same players are embedded using the Vidyard player, those viewer statistics will be captured in Vidyard.

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