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Set up a Facebook integration

Vidyard's integration with Facebook makes maintaining video in both your Vidyard and Facebook accounts easy.  Set up your Facebook integration so you can push one or many of your videos to Facebook pages or timelines, and sync then videos between Vidyard and Facebook.

Set up a Facebook integration

  1. Click Integrations in the Group menu.
    Integrations button in the Group menu
  2. Scroll to the Integrations section. Click Facebook from the left menu.
  3. Click Connect a Facebook Account.
    In the Integrations section, click the Facebook button in the lefthand menu, then click Connect a Facebook Account
  4. If prompted, sign into your Facebook account.
    The Facebook login screen
  5. You will be prompted to grant Vidyard access to your Facebook account. Click Okay.
    Facebook permission page. Click Okay.
  6. Select your privacy settings in the next prompt. This selection will determine who will be able to see the videos you share to Facebook. Click Okay.
    Note: For your videos to have the most reach, click Public.
    Facebook privacy permissions. Select privacy level from the dropdown list, then click Okay
  7. Facebook will give one final prompt to confirm the integration. Click Okay.
    Click Okay to allow Vidyard permission to post content on your public profile.
  8. Vidyard will now display a confirmation message that the accounts are now successfully linked.

Your accounts have been linked! You can now push videos to your Facebook account from the player edit screen. 

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