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Customize your Branded Sharing Page with CSS styling

Branded Sharing Pages are a fantastic way to share your Vidyard videos and with a little bit of customization, you can make your Branded Sharing Page truly your own!

You can add your own custom CSS styling in the Advanced tab by adding your code to the CSS Styling box. 

The follow shows you to CSS code you can use to style the colors on the sharing page. For each, change the hex code (in red) to the code for your own color. 

Player title

h2 {
color: #FA4752 !important;

Video Description

#sharing-description {
background-color: #FDE5BB !important;
color: #7B5F37 !important;

Sharing comments

#sharing-comments {
background-color: #FDB5BA !important;


body {
 background-color: #C6EBF7 !important;

Player header

#name-header {
background-color: #BC353E !important;

Player container 

#stage {
background-color: #BC6FA8;

Logo container

#logo-container {
background-color: #BC6FA8;
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