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Add a Vidyard video to a Layar campaign

Layar is a great way to make your print campaigns come to life with video. In this article we go over the steps to add a Vidyard video to a Layar campaign.

  1. Login to Layar and open the Layar Creator.
  2. Edit an existing campaign or create a new one.
    Campaign overview.
  3. Navigate to a place in your campaign where you would like a Vidyard video.
    Selecting a location for your video within the Layar campaign.
  4. Select the Play Video option from the Suggested Buttons
    Play video button.
  5. Click and drag the video widget to where you would like it to appear in your campaign. 
    Dragging the video widget.
  6. Enter the Public Download link into the Video URL section. If you don't have the video's public download link, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  7. Upload a video cover and select whether you would like the video to auto play on the page. Click Save.
    The Edit Video Widget options.
  8. Optionally, resize the widget by clicking and dragging the corners of the widget. 
    Click and drag widgets.
  9. Click Test to test your campaign. 
    The Test tab.
  10. Click Publish when you want to publish your campaign. 
  11. You're done! Now when your campaign is viewed with the Layar app your video will appear. 
    Example of Vidyard player in a Layar campaign.

Note: It's good to keep in mind that you will not get analytics in Vidyard for views from the Layar app since the video will be played using Layar's player. If you would like analytics from Layar, you could embed a hyperlink to the player sharing page in your Layar campaign. 

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