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Use query strings to override player settings

With Vidyard, it's easy to embed your player in multiple locations. However, not all embed locations are the same. In some cases, you may want to adjust the settings of a certain player in a particular embed location such as a mobile version of your website, or in a sidebar.

You can do this on the fly by making use of the following query strings in your Vidyard embed code.

Player Customization

Parameter Accepted values Notes
width Integer (in pixels) Overrides the width of the player.
height Integer (in pixels) Overrides the height of the player.
name_overlay 0 or 1 Overlays the name of the player on the player while it plays.
disable_ctas 0 or 1 A value of 1 prevents popout calls to action from loading when the player loads.
hide_playlist 1 A value of 1 removes the playlist icon on the player. The playlist still exists, but can not be accessed. 
hidden_controls 0 or 1 A value of 1 hides the player controls from viewers. Player controls include the time slider, play/pause button, quality settings, volume slider, and expand option.
hide_html5_playlist 0 or 1 A value of 1 prevents the playlist from appearing on the HTML5 fallback player.
viral_sharing 0 or 1 A values of 0 removes the social networks sharing button from the player.
embed_button 0 or 1 A value of 0 removes the embed button from the player.
preload none Usage: "preload=none"
Skip the preload of the video file to prevent the player from establishing a persistent connection to the CDN on player load. This query string should be used when embedding several inline players on a single page.
playlist_always_open 0 or 1 A value of 1 will force the playlist to always display.
playlist_start_open 0 or 1 A value of 1 will set the playlist to display when the player starts.
disable_popouts 0 or 1 A value of 1 will force any pop out events to not display.
disable_redirect 0 or 1 A value of 1 will force any redirects to not function.
disable_preroll_flash 0 or 1 A value of 1 will force the preroll not to display on flash players
autoplay 0 or 1 A value of 1 will allow the player to autoplay 
no_html5_fullscreen 0 or 1 A value of 1 disables full screen when using the HTML5 player
custom_id String This sets a fixed custom_id for personalization campaigns
muted 0 or 1 A value of 1 will mute the Player



Accepted values


autoplay 0 or 1 A value of 1 will force the player to play automatically when it is loaded.
chapter Integer Used for multichapter players. The player will begin at the chapter number specified beginning at 1.
video_id Integer Similar to the chapter parameter. Accepts the Vidyard video ID. The player will search for the video with a matching ID and begin playback at that chapter.
second Integer The player will begin playing at the second set
flash_first 0 or 1 A value of 1 forces the flash player to be loaded.
html5_first 0 or 1 A value of 1 forces the HTML5 player to be loaded
redirect_url String Redirects a viewer to a URL inside the player when the player completes.
redirect_whole_page String Redirects the viewer's whole browser window to a specified URL.
cc String Automatically start the player with the closed captioning of the requested language using ISO 639-1 codes (e.g.  en=English, fr=French, etc. More details.)
quality 360p, 480p, 720p, 1080p Force the viewer to stream at the given resolution. The viewer will still have the ability to change to a higher or lower resolution using the player controls. The player will also still use intelligent resolution selection to automatically lower the resolution in the case of extended buffering.
force_https 0 or 1 Forces the player to be played through secure-http
force_http 0 or 1 Forces the player to be played through non secure-http
first_frame 0 or 1

This plays and then instantly pauses the player so it sits on the first frame of the video without a splash screen.



Accepted values


email String When an email address is provided as a string, the email address is associated with the Vidyard cookie/localstorage allowing the address to be reported on in Vidyard analytics.
new_visitor 0 or 1 Forces a new Vidyard cookie to be generated each time a player is loaded.
preview 0 or 1

Disables all analytics for the player.

force_analytics 1

You use this in conjunction with preview=1 to bring through analytics.

referring_url String Sets a fixed refferal URL for every view
vyemail String Sets a fixed Email Address for Vidyard Analytics to each view
pardot_id String Sets a fixed Pardot ID for every view
hubspot_id String Sets a fixed Hubspot ID for every view
vysfid String Sets a fixed Vidyard Salesforce ID for every view
eloqua_contact_id String Sets a fixed Eloqua Contact ID for every view
eloqua_id String Sets a fixed Eloqua ID for every view
marketo_id String Sets a fixed Marketo ID for every view
acton_id String Sets a fixed Action ID for every view
dreamforce_id String Sets a fixed Dreamforce ID for every view
NetExamKey String Sets a fixed NetExamKey for every view

To use a query string, append it to the URL specified in the embed code. For example:

<script type="text/javascript" id="vidyard_embed_code_XXXXX" 

The above code uses the width and height parameters to override the player settings in the Vidyard dashboard.

The use of query strings is not limited to embed codes, you can also use them for sharing page links.

The above code uses the autoplay parameter to start the player on page load.

Note: The first query string after a URL must begin with a "?" while any subsequent strings should be added using the "&" character

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