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Change your email preferences

Email communication is important to keep on top of what's happening within your Vidyard account, but at some point you may wish to opt out of some of the communications that Vidyard sends regarding analytics or video processing. Check out the steps below to learn how to subscribe, unsubscribe or change the frequency of Vidyard emails. 

Vidyard Newsletter or Analytics email preferences

  1. Click your avatar in the bottom left corner.
    Avatar in the bottom left corner.
  2. Click My Profile in the menu. 
  3. On the Profile tab, scroll to the bottom of the Edit Profile options page to find your email preference options.
    Profile tab.
  4. Check the Vidyard monthly newsletter box to subscribe. Uncheck the box to unsubscribe. 
  5. Select a frequency option from the receive analytics emails dropdown. Select Never to unsubscribe. 
    "Add me to the Vidyard monthly newsletter" checkbox and "I want to receive analytics emails" dropdown. Update button is below.
  6. Click Update

Vidyard New Player notification email preferences

To opt out of email notifications about new players and videos: 

  1. Click the Groups tab of the My Profile page. 
    Groups tab.
  2. Toggle Notify me about new players in this group to ON or OFF to opt in or out. You will have this option for each group you are in. 
    Toggle Notify me about new player in this group is OFF.

Change email preferences for your Groups (Vidyard Administrators only)

If you have Administrator privileges for your Vidyard account you can set the email notification settings for Groups in your section. 

  1. In the Group menu, click Groups and Users
    In the Group menu, the Groups and Users option.
  2. If applicable, click Manage Users on your desired group. 
  3. Click Edit Permissions next to the role you want to edit. 
    Edit Permissons button in a Role called Users.
  4. In the Edit Permissions page, locate and toggle the Notify About New Players option ON or OFF.
    Notify of New Players switch toggled to OFF. Save button is below.
  5. Click Save. ​
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