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Create a fullscreen event

Full Screen Events allow you to display information to your viewers by taking control of the video player. It can be used to pass product messages, or provide contextual information.

Here's a basic view of what a Fullscreen Event will look like: 

Preview of a Fullscreen event.

  1. In your chosen player click Events, then select the video where you want to place your events.
    Click the Events tab, then select a chapter.
  2. Click +Add Event.
    Click Add Event
  3. Click Fullscreen, then click +Add Event.
    Select Fullscreen Event, and click Add Event.
  4. The Fullscreen Event will appear on the Event timeline, and the Event configuration section will appear.
  5. Either enter a time, or drag the blue tab on the timeline to select the time in your video where you would like the Event to appear. If you want the Event to appear Pre or Post-Roll, drag the event to the Pre or Post position on the timeline.
    Use the time slider or time fields to set the time for your fullscreen event.
  6. Use the WYSIWYG Editor to create your event body. You can quickly add text fields, forms, and social sharing buttons using the Event Builder button. Learn more about the Event Builder here.
    Note: WYSIWYG is just the name for a widget that lets you edit text without using HTML code. It stands for What You See Is What You Get, because it shows you exactly what your text will look like. You can also edit the HTML in the Source code area.
    View of the WYSIWYG editor
  7. Set the transparency of the Event.
  8. Toggle the options switches to ON or OFF to determine the following:
    Using the transparency field and toggle switches, configure the settings for your event.

    Display Once: The Event will be displayed a single time per player load
    New Contact: The Event will display for users we have not cookied.
    Prefill form: If the viewer has filled the form in the past, the form will be filled if they load the player again.
    Skippable: The Event will have a ‘Skip’ option on the top right.
  9. If you would like to preview your saved Event, simply play the video in the preview panel.
  10. Toggle the Publish switch to ON for this Event to be active upon saving. Keep it on OFF if you want the Event to remain a draft after saving.
    Toggle the Publish switch to On or Off and click Save.
  11. Click Save.
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