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Add a default Marketo form event to your players

Default Events allow you to add Events to all the players across the group. Learn more about how default events work here.


  • You need to have the Marketo integration to use this feature. To learn more about the Marketo integration, visit the Feature Store in your Account menu.  
  • The Vidyard player with your Marketo form must have your Marketo cookie on the page for the data to pass properly. 

Find Default Events

  1. In the Content menu, click Defaults.
    In the Content menu, click Defaults.
  2. Click the Default Events tab.
    Default Events tab. 

Add a default Marketo form event

  1. Click + Add Event.
    + Add Event.
  2.  Select a timeframe for your Event:
    1. Pre-Roll event will display before the first video in your playlist begins.
    2. Custom Time allows you to set a consistent time for the event to play during video playback. 
      Note: Custom Time events will play on every video in a playlist. If the video is shorter than the set custom time, the event will not display.
    3. Post-Roll will display after the last video in your playlist ends.
  3. Click Next
  4. Click Marketo Form, then click + Add Event
  5. You will need your Marketo Form ID and Server Name. Both of these can be found in your Marketo Form Embed Code. 
    • Your Marketo Form ID is a numeric value found after <form id="mktoForm_.
    • Your Marketo Server Name is found between // and
      The Form ID and server name are highlighted in the Marketo Form Embed Code.
  6. Enter your Marketo Server Name into the Marketo Server Name field, then click OK.
    The Server Name field has a Server name in it. The OK button is in the lower right corner.
  7. Enter your Marketo Form ID into the Marketo Form ID field, then click OK.
    One field asking for the form ID.
  8. The event editor will populate with your form code. 
  9. If you chose 'custom time', enter a time into the time field to determine when the form will appear in your player. 
    The Vidyard event editor with a Marketo form ID in it.
  10. Toggle your Display Once and Skippable options to ON or OFF.
    • Skippable: Allows viewers to skip the form.
    • Display Once: The Event will be displayed a single time per player load. 
  11. Click Publish, then Save
    Publish toggle switch beside the Save button.
  12. Go to your sharing page to see the form. It's always worth testing to make sure data is passing into Marketo properly. 
  13. After you save the Event it will appear in the Default Events list and on all the players in your group.
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