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On April 3rd, 2017 Vidyard will be switching to a new user interface. Click here to learn more.

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Where to find your groups in Vidyard

Groups can be created and users assigned to them. A parent group is the overarching group for your organization, and sub-groups are sub-accounts that live within the Parent Group for your organization’s Vidyard account.

To access Groups and Users in the Vidyard dashboard:

  1. From the Content menu, click Groups and Users.
    In the Groups menu, click Groups and Users
  2. Within the Groups and Users page you will see your Parent Group and a list of Sub-Groups below if you have any. 
    Parent and child groups

Note: You can add users under the Parent Group like with any group. For finer tuned control over content, or if you’d like to setup an account for an external organization, we recommend creating sub-groups.

To switch between your groups in Vidyard

Click the Group menu, then click Change Group. Your groups will be listed, and checkmark will display beside the group you are currently in. Click a group to switch into it.

Switching between groups.

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