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Add users to your group

You can add users to your sub-groups to organize them by team, and you can assign users a role to determine their permissions within the platform.

To add users to your organization or a group: 

Note: Your Vidyard account must have the Invite Users permission to complete these steps

  1. In the Content menu, click Groups and Users.
    Note: If your account only contains one group, proceed to step #4.
    In the Content menu, click Groups and Users
  2. Click Manage Users. You must be a member of your Parent Group to see this. 
    The Manage Users button.
  3. Click +Add User.
    Add User button
  4. Enter an email address and click Invite User.
    Invite user field.

  5. The user will receive an email invitation from The account will be grayed-out and will say “Not Confirmed” when hovering over the account name until the invite has been accepted and the account has been configured with a password by the user.
    Note: If your user is having trouble receiving their invite, see this article to trouble shoot it
    Note: If you have the Custom Roles feature enabled and have permission to edit roles, you can click Edit Permissions to change the access level of the role. 

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