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Account history: see a list of past changes

You can use your Vidyard Account History to see the changes that were made to your account, players, and videos by you and other members of your Vidyard group. You can also see deleted players and videos in the Archive area.
  1. To navigate to your account history, click Account History in the Group menu.
    Group menu: Account history
  2. Use the tabs to switch between Account, Video, and Player history.
    Account history menu. Tabs include: Account, Videos, Players, and Archive
    Note: Account lists items like changing a group name or changing default player settings. The Players and Videos tabs show which changes have been made to players and videos. This includes changes to events, descriptions, and skins.
    Note: If you need a refresher, check out our article on Player vs Video: What's the difference?
  3. In Account, Players, and Videos, each tab you will see an Activity Log listing changes made to account options:
    • You can click on the arrows to expand the activity to see details on what was changed.
    • The email address of the user who made the change and the time is included.
    • You can filter these changes by date by selecting a date in the Showing history before calendar selector.
      Activity log
  4. The Archive tab lists the players and videos that you’ve deleted. Click Inspect to see a full list of details on deleted videos.
    The play button icon represents players, and the movie reel icon represents videos.
    Archive tab view
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