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Asset Manager: Manage multiple assets

As your video library continues to expand, it can become necessary to making changes to multiple players at the same time. With the Vidyard asset manager, you can perform bulk actions on your videos and players at the same time. Actions you can perform include:

  • Enable/disable player options (autoplay, default HD, play button, sharing page, whitelist embed domain, etc.)
  • Resize players
  • Delete players/videos
  • Push players/videos to YouTube

Accessing the Asset Manager

In the main menu, click Content, then All Assets.
Note: If you do not see the option, you can install it in the Feature Store.

The Asset Manager is in the Content menu.

Selecting Players or Videos 

  • Click the Players or Videos tab to choose which items you will be modifying.
    Video and player tabs in the Asset Manager
  • Use the search or filter functions to narrow your view down to the videos you are looking for. Results can be sorted based on Name, Number of Views, and dates created or updated, and other options. 
    Asset manager search and filter options
  • Click a player or video to select it. The item will be highlighted to denote that it has been selected.
    Player is highlighted blue.
  • Alternatively, use the selection buttons to choose all visible items or all items in the organization. The Deselect Players button will deselect the current selection.

Performing Bulk Actions 

After you’ve made your selections you can perform the following actions on all the selected players at once: adjust settings, push to YouTube, apply tags, delete players/videos.

  • Click Settings to adjust the settings for the selected players/videos.
    Adjust asset Settings
  • Click YouTube to push the selected players/videos to YouTube. You can configure their visibility (public, unlisted or private) and schedule when they will be pushed.
    Push Asset to Youtube button
  • Click Tags to apply tabs to your selected players and videos.
    Apply tags to assets
  • Click Delete to deleted all of the selected players/videos.
    Delete assets

    Note: You will be prompted to confirm their deletion. The Confirm button will be available in 5 seconds to prevent accidental deletion.
    There is a countdown on the player delete prompt.
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