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On April 3rd, 2017 Vidyard will be switching to a new user interface. Click here to learn more.

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Get to know the Live Stream dashboard

During your stream you can track real-time analytics on your stream and viewers in the live stream dashboard. You can use this dashboard to manage and end the Vidyard Live player, track QoE (Quality of Experience) data, as well as a variety of real-time data about the viewers who are watching your stream. 

To access the Dashboard:

  1. Click Edit next to the Player that contains your Live Stream.
  2. Click Live Stream.
    Live stream button
    Note: If you don’t see the Live Stream button, make sure you have added a Live Stream video to your player.

On the Live Stream Dashboard, you have access to a variety of real-time analytics which you can use to monitor your viewers and their experience during the stream.

Here’s what you’ll find:
Livestream dashboard quick stats view. Credentials and End stream button, and Current views, Run time, and Player state stats.

Credentials: The credentials button gives you quick access to your Live Stream credentials and optimization options. 
Close Channel: Will end a current stream and create a new on-demand asset. The player's streaming credentials will remain active until you click End Stream. Learn more here
End Stream: After your stream ends on the Live Stream Broadcast side, click End Stream to immediately cut the feed to your viewers. This will avoid any dead space at the end of your broadcast.
Current Viewers: The number of viewers currently watching the Live Stream, updated in real-time
Total Unique Views: The number of unique viewers who have watched the Live Stream.
Run time: Run time counts the approximate length of time that Live Stream has been running. This time is approximate, and may be off by a few seconds.
Player State: The Player State chart tracks the state of the players in real-time. Hover your mouse over the chart for details on the number of players experiencing that state.
This is what each color represents:
The player state pie chart, showing hover text specifying 2 players buffering.

  • Red: Buffering
  • Green: Playing
  • Yellow: Seeking
  • Orange: Paused

Viewers over time graph: This graph shows the number of viewers watching the Live Stream over time. It updates in real-time.
Viewers over time graph

Viewers by Geographic Region:
Show in real-time the location of your viewers. 
Viewers by geopgraphy chart showing two viewers in North America, represented by a blue dot.

Note: A user must have the Edit Players permission enabled to view this dashboard. 

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