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Vidyard Knowledge Center

Viewer Requirements

Viewer Resolution

Live streams are served in a Vidyard player at 720p (max bitrate 5000 kbps) or 360p (max bitrate 1000 kbps) assuming at least a 720p upstream. Streams broadcast at 1080p will be downscaled to 720p, 480p, 360p, and 240p during the live stream.

Browser Compatibility

Vidyard Live players are HTML5 compliant and use the HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) protocol to deliver the video broadcast. Browser and version support for a Vidyard Live player is as follows:

Browser Supported? 
Chrome (Current, Current -1) Yes
Firefox (Current, Current -1) Yes
Safari (Current) Yes
Opera (Current, Current -1) Yes (Opera 20+ requires Flash be installed on the viewer machine)
Internet Explorer 7/8/9 No
Internet Explorer 11 Yes (Support for browser does not include compatibility mode)
Microsoft Edge Yes*
*Live captioning is not supported for Microsoft Edge.

Note: (Current - 1) or Current denotes that we support the current stable version of the browser and the version that preceded it. For example, if the current version of a browser is 44.x, we support the 44.x and 43.x versions.

Note: The browsers listed above are supported on the following mobile platforms: Android 4.4+ and iOS browsers after version 6. However, Live captioning is not supported for Android. 

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