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Vidyard Knowledge Center



  • How Do I Add My Videos To YouTube?

Adding content to YouTube is not currently supported in the extension. You can however share the link to your video sharing page directly in your social media feeds or through email. We are looking into adding the ability to push to YouTube for future product releases so keep an eye out for updates down the road!

  • Can I Download My Videos To My Computer?

Downloads are not currently supported in ViewedIt. We are currently looking into this for potential future product development and you are still free to share your videos using the URL to your video sharing pages. Worried that your videos may one day vanish without a trace and want a backup? Your video will not be deleted unless you choose to do so (or it violates the ViewedIt Terms of Service). As long as you have your link it will be available to you and people you shared the video with.

  • How Do I Start Recording?

Once you have installed the extension and run through the sign in and permission set up, you can click the v-buddy icon in your chrome extension bar (green circle with two big eyes). This will bring up some options such as whether you would like to record the whole screen, a single tab or cam only, as well as toggle buttons for the microphone and camera enablement. From there, clicking the record button will take you to a 3 second countdown before your recording begins. Clicking the V-Buddy icon again will end the recording taking you to the sharing page for your video. You can also find a video walkthrough on our Video Hub.

  • Do I Really Need To Sign In With My Google Account?

Yes. We use your Google account to authenticate you and keep your content separate from other users so that unless shared, your content won’t be seen by other ViewedIt users. We also use this authentication to tell when you are watching your own content to improve the analytics you see in your feed. 

  • Can I Share My Videos Through Outlook/Other Mail Clients? 

You can absolutely email your sharing page links out through other mail clients. Please note however that some of the functionality available when sharing videos through Gmail may not be present. These include, automatically generating a thumbnail link, and automatically adding a query string to identify viewers. 

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