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Set the player splash screen

When a Player first loads it is displayed as a Splash Screen (or thumbnail image) on your website. This graphic acts like an ad for the video – it should represent the content of the video and entice the viewer to play the video. A great Splash Screen can have a big impact on your clickthrough rate (how many people click on the video).

To set a Splash Screen, Vidyard lets you upload an image, or select a frame from your video.

Pick a Splash Screen to get started, but if you really want to up the ante, Vidyard supports Split testing different Splash Screens so you can find the thumbnail that makes the biggest impact.

To set a Splash Screen:

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click Splash Screen.
Hovering over a player to click Splash Screen.

Your Currently Selected Splash Screen displays the current Player Splash Screen.
Currently Selected Splash Screen

To choose a new Splash Screen, select one of the ten Generated Splash Screens, or upload your own Uploaded Splash Screens.

Select a Generated Splash Screen

  1. Click the thumbnails in the Generated Splash Screens section to see them previewed in the Currently Selected Splash Screen section.
    Select a thumbnail from Generated Splash Screens
  2. Click Update Splash Screen to save a thumbnail as the active Splash Screen.
    Click Update splash screen

Upload a Custom Splash Screen:

  1. Click + Upload New in the Uploaded Splash Screens section.
  2. Select the file in your computer browser. It will upload and be previewed in the Currently Selected Splash Screen section.
  3. Click Update Splash Screen to set this file as the active Splash Screen.
    Preview uploaded splash screen, then click Update splash screen
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