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Transfer a player to a different group

If you have a player that you would like to be visible in another one of your organization's groups, you can transfer that player to a new group.

You can transfer players out of any of your groups and into any other group that you are in. A transferred player duplicates any videos to the target group but moves the player itself. The player UUID will remain the same.


  • You must be a user in both the sending and receiving groups. 
  • You must have the Transfer Players to Groups permission enabled in both groups. 

Important Note: 

Analytics history for a player will not transfer to the receiving group.

To transfer a player to a group:

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click the Advanced, then Release to Group

Hovering over a player to click Release to Group.

  1. Select the group you where you want to send the player.
    Release to group window.
    Note: The videos in the player will be duplicated and left in the video library of the original group.
  2. Click Transfer.
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