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Social player settings

Player Social Settings allow you to determine if and how your player can be shared by your viewers. You can turn on or off the ability to re-embed the player, and you can also set the social sharing options, which determines how this player can be shared socially by viewers.

Note: Player settings give you control over each player you create. If you make a change to the player settings, your changes will apply to all current and future embed locations. These settings impact individual players — if you instead want to choose the default settings for your future players, see Default Player Settings

Find a player's settings

From the Content menu click Players.

Hover your cursor over the player and click Settings
Hovering over a player to click Settings.

Select Social in the Settings tab. 

Select Sharing in the Settings tab.

Embed Codes

The Embed Codes switch  adds an Embed button to your player, which allows users to embed your video player on their own site. Turn the Embed Codes switch ON to enable the re-embed option. Turn the Embed Codes switch OFF to disable the re-embed option.
Embed and share options.

Social Sharing

The Social Sharing switch lets you decide whether or not your viewers can share your videos on their social media platforms, and it will enable or disable your other social sharing options. Turn the Social Sharing switch ON to enable social sharing. Turn the Social Sharing switch OFF to disable social sharing.

With Social Sharing enabled, you can set these options: 

  • Sharing message: Customize a default message to be included when users share your player.
  • Custom sharing link: When viewers share the player, the default share link is the page where the player is embedded. Turn this switch ON to add an alternative link here.
  • Social Sharing Options: Toggle the ON/OFF switches to determine which social sharing options will appear as a share option on your player.

Social Sharing options.

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