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Vidyard Knowledge Center

Set video metadata

Video Settings allow you to configure options for each individual video within a player.

The Settings tab allows you to configure the metadata (name, descriptions, and tags) for each video. 

From the Content menu click Videos.
Note: This will reveal your video library. All your uploaded videos are available here. 

From the Content menu, select Videos.

Hover over the video you want to edit and click Settings

Hover over your video and click Settings.

  1. In the Settings tab:
    Name: Add a title for your video. This will appear in the playlist menu. (Character limit: 100)
    Description: Describe your video. This benefits SEO, and will sync to YouTube if you have a YouTube integration.. (Character limit: 2048)
    Tags: Type a tag name and press Enter for each tag you want to add. These should be descriptive of the content of this specific video. (Character limit: 100)
    Note: Tagging your videos allows you to organize your videos by content. Consider tagging your videos in situations where you have a large number of videos uploaded to Vidyard and need a way to organize or categorize them. Including relevant tags with your content also helps improve your SEO when adding your video to a sitemap or pushing videos to YouTube.


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