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Edit a video caption

You can edit video captions from right within Vidyard! This is a great tool for when you need to make changes to your caption text, or time cues. 
Note: If your caption file has complex formatting customization, or major formatting errors, download the file to make your changes instead of using this editor. If you need help troubleshooting a SRT or VTT caption file formatting error, check out our article.  

To access Captions

From the Players section of your Dashboard, hover your cursor over the player and click Video.
Hovering over a player to click Chapter

In the Video tab, click Edit next to your target video.
Edit Video button.

Click the Captions tab.
Video Caption tab.
Note: You can edit the captions themselves, or the captions settings (such as Language Approver and Caption Language).

To edit the captions

  1. Click Edit beside the Caption you want to edit.
    A blue Edit button is in the far right column for each language,
  2. In the Edit Caption tab, you will see:
    (1) a preview of the captions
    (2) a scrubber bar
    (3) a list of the caption cues.  
    Use the scrubber bar to navigate through the caption timeline and find the cues you want to edit.
    Overview of Edit cues caption area.
  3. Click the cue you want to edit. 
    Clicking a caption cue.
  4. Under the scrubber bar the caption editor will appear. Adjust the start and end time for that cue using the time fields, or + - buttons, and text for that cue, then click Save.
    Caption editing features. A time scrubber bar, and a text edit are available.
  5. If your captions have content or timestamp errors, the number of cues with errors will be listed above the player preview. Use the All Cues dropdown to select Errors Only if you want to view the Error cues only. 
    Note: Not all cue errors can be fixed in the editor. For major formatting errors, download your caption file, correct it, and upload it again. Check out our article on fixing an SRT file for information on how to fix caption file errors
    Error cues dropdown.
  6. If you need to add a cue, click + Add Cue.
    + Add Cue button in the corner of the player preview.
  7. After all your edits have been made, click Save Changes on the bottom of the screen.
    Save changes bar which appears at the bottom of the screen when a change is made.

To edit a caption language

  1. From the Captions tab, click the pencil edit icon beside the caption you want to edit. 
    Edit icon on language name.
  2. In the Caption Settings lightbox, select a Caption Language from the dropdown list.
  3. Click Save
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