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Request a transcription of your video

A closed caption is a transcription of the audio content of your video, which hovers over your video as it plays. Closed captions help deaf or hard-of-hearing users, as well as non-English speaking users, to access the audio content of your video.

You can request a transcription of any video with the Request Transcription button. 

Owning a video transcription has many benefits, including: 

  • Improved SEO: Adding a transcript to your sitemap, or as metadata in your page, improves your search ranking and visibility to search engines. 
  • Accessibility: Owning a text copy of your video's content allows you improve accessibility by generating alternative formats, such as braille or large/high contrast text. 
  • Localization: A transcription gives you the option to translate the text of your video to other languages to increase your video's reach.
  • Closed Captioning: If you use the Request feature to order a transcription of your video, closed captions will be automatically added to your video once the transcription is ready. 

Note: Using the Request Transcription service will incur an additional fee onto your account. If you need to access this feature, contact your CSM.

To access captions and transcriptions

From the Content menu click Videos.
Note: This will reveal your video library. All your uploaded videos are available here. 

From the Content menu, select Videos.

Hover over the video you want to edit and click Captions.

Hover over your video and click Captions.

Request a transcription

You can request a transcription of your video using the Request Transcription feature. Using the Request Transcription service will incur an additional fee onto your account.

  1. Click New Caption, then Request Transcription
    Request Transcription button
  2. Using the dropdown menus, select a Source Language and Target Language for your video. (Source Language is the current language of the video, and Target Language is your desired language for the transcription). 
    Select source and target language.

    Note: A double-charge will occur when requesting a Non-English Source Language to be transcribed in any language which is not the same as the Source. 
    Source and target language are different. Incurred charge is doubled.
  3. Toggle the 'ON/OFF' switch to ON if you would like the transcription sent to a member of your team for approval. If you select ON, type the email address of the person you would like to be the Approver for this transcript. 
    Note: If you do not have the Approver option, contact your Account Manager.
  4. Optionally, add notes to the transcriber in the Notes field.
    Example: "Do not translate these technical terms: ..." or "Please translate all text within the video, rather than the audio".
  5. If you see the Identify Speakers option, turn it ON to request that the transcriber identifies speakers in the video.  
    Note: This feature will incur an additional charge. It is only available for organizations with direct billing for transcription requests.
  6. Select a turnaround level, noting the delivery date and cost for each level. 
    Note: If you do not see an associated cost, don't worry - that just means your organization has set up direct billing.
  7. Click Ok. The transcript will be ordered.  The transcript will appear in the Captions list when it is ready.
    Note: If an Approver was selected, the Approver will receive an email notification to approve the transcript. You can also download the SRT or VTT file for your transcribed video after it is ready. 
    Note: To Enable or Disable captions in the video player, visit the Advanced Options section of the player settings. 
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