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Push Vidyard player events into Google Analytics

With the Vidyard For Google Analytics tracking code, you can view your video engagement data directly within the Google Analytics platform. By placing the custom tracking code at the bottom of your page, any embedded Vidyard players will report the percentage completion of a video‎ into the event tracking section of your analytics platform.

The data will appear in your Google Analytics account under Reporting > Behavior > Events > Overview.

Google Analytics menu: Behavior > Event > Overview.

Events are captured in the Google Analytics dashboard in the following manner:

  • Event Category > Player Title
  • Event Action > Video Title
  • Event Label > 0/25/50/75/90 (depending on the number of viewers that reach each percentage of the video)

You can then use these values to determine the number of viewers that watched a certain percentage of the video.

Google Analytics Event Category.

Google Analytics Event Action.

Google Analytics  Event Label.

How to add Vidyard Event Tracking to Your Page

The following code must be included on the page:

  1. In the <head> of your page, add the following line: <script src="//"></script>.
  2. Ensure your Google Analytics tracking code is placed on the page where your player is embedded. This code can be found under Admin > Tracking Info > Tracking Code.
  3. In the <body> of the page, add the following line below all player embed codes: <script src="//"></script>.

In addition to your own tracked pages, you can track web analytics and video views from your Vidyard branded sharing page or video hub.

Add Vidyard Event Tracking to your Branded Sharing Page or Video Hub

  1. Log into Vidyard.
  2. Edit your Video Hub or Branded Sharing Page.
  3. At the bottom of the Settings tab, enter your Google Analytics property ID (UA-XXXXXXXX-X) to have views of your hub or sharing page tracked in Google Analytics. 
  4. Optionally, to have the video engagement data mentioned above pushed into Google Analytics, select the Push view data to Google Event Tracking checkbox.

If you would prefer to push your own custom events into Google Analytics when users interact with your player, you can do so using the Vidyard player API. You can find an example of how to do this here: Push Vidyard Player Events to Google Analytics.