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Use Vidyard to upload a video to Adobe Experience Manager

Want to use Vidyard to upload a video to an Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) web page? It’s easy - just drag and drop the video component onto your page, and you can upload a video onto your website right from inside the component, even if it’s not already in the Vidyard platform. Easy peasy. (Of course, if your video is already in Vidyard you can just add it to your AEM page right away!)

Add the Vidyard Component to a page section

  1. Open the page you want to edit.
  2. Select Edit mode from the top toolbar.
    Edit mode menu.
  3. Click the side panel icon, then click Components.
  4. Locate the Vidyard Player component.
    Side panel menu, Components section.
  5. Drag the Vidyard Player component onto the Drag components here section.
    Note: The component will display the message: No Vidyard Player Selected. This means the component is now on the page, but not in use. If published like this, this section will not show up.
    Drag and drop the Vidyard component.

Upload a video to the Vidyard component

  1. Click the No Vidyard Player Selected section to display the section tools.
    No players selected section in the page.
  2. Click the wrench icon.
    Wrench icon.
  3. Here you can select your Vidyard player. You can either Browse to select a video from a Vidyard group, or you can Upload to add your own video.
  4. Click Upload.
  5. Select a group from the Select a group dropdown.
    Note: The video you upload will be added the Vidyard group you’ve selected.  
  6. Click Choose video files, or Drag and drop your video file into the uploader.
  7. After the file has encoded, you can optionally click the pencil icon to edit your video player’s name, description, and splash screen (or thumbnail).
  8. After your video has been uploaded, click the checkmark to add this player to your section.
    Note: The video will encode for a few minutes before it is ready to be published.
    The upload options.

A Vidyard player is now embedded in your AEM page! Click Preview to watch your video.

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