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Set up Vidyard for Act-On

With the Vidyard integration for Act-On, Vidyard's viewer engagement data can be passed through to your Act-On instance allowing you to score and segment your contacts within Act-On.

In order to set up Vidyard for Act-On, you will need to request the feature be added to your Vidyard account from your Vidyard account rep.

Once configured, embedding a Vidyard player on an Act-On landing page, will allow you to see engagement data associated with a contact on their contact record under the custom tab.

View data Custom Event Activity

To set up the integration, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into Vidyard.
  2. From the Group menu, click Integrations.
    In Vidyard's Group menu click Integrations.
  3. Scroll to the Integrations section, and click Act-On.
  4. Enter your Act-On username, Password and List ID and click Sync with Act-On.
    Note: Adding a list ID will allow Vidyard to push form data into Act-On from the event builder. 
    Note: If your browser auto-fills the Act-On user name and password, clear these fields and retype the Act-On credentials. The auto-filled info is likely not your Act-On credentials.

Finding your List ID

Log into Act-On and navigate to Contacts, then Marketing Lists, you can use this opportunity to create a new list for all of your Vidyard created leads or use an already created list. 

You can grab the list ID by opening the list in Act-On, right-clicking anywhere within the list, and selecting "View Frame Source."

The source code for the list will open in a new page, and the list ID will be at the end of the URL used. (Outlined below). 

Customer Login URL.

Note: The Act-On account being used to establish the connection must be an Admin User with permission to create programs. This can be checked in Act-On by Navigating to Account, then Users and then selecting Privileges.

Act-On Users configuration.

Note: It's good to keep in mind that you need to enter your Act-On credentials on the integrations page for each Vidyard subgroup (in addition to the parent group) that contains videos which you would like data pushed to Act-On for. If you would only like data from a subgroup to be pushed to Act-On, you only need to integrate that subgroup. For each Vidyard group you integrate with Act-On (including subgroups), you will need to use a distinct Act-On Admin user account (an Admin user account can only be associated to one Vidyard group).

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