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Score leads in Act-On with video view data

Using the Vidyard for Act-On integration, we can use the viewer engagement data to manage the lead score of a contact based on how much of a video they watched.

Vidyard pushes viewer engagement data into individual contacts as custom events called "Watched" which can then be used as criteria for configuring scoring rules.

Custom Event Activity showing video view data.

To score a contact based on their view data, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into Act-On. 
  2. In the left menu, click Contacts, then Scoring Rules
    Under Contacts, click Scoring Rules.
  3. Under Activity, assign a score for Watched events. 
  4. Optionally, to assign a score based on a specific view event, click the + button and select Custom: Specific Watched
    Custom: Specific Watched in the + menu.
  5. Select the video name with the matching percentage criteria you wish to score. 
    View score.
  6. Assign a score for the events of those specific actions. 
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