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On April 3rd, 2017 Vidyard will be switching to a new user interface. Click here to learn more.

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Install the Vidyard for Gmail Chrome extension


We have upgraded the Vidyard & Gmail experience to ViewedIt Enterprise, so this feature is being discontinued. If you would like to set up the Vidyard for Gmail experience, please visit the ViewedIt Enterprise article and contact your CSM. (We promise you'll love it! It's everything here and more!) 

You can be sending Vidyard video content in minutes flat with a quick install of the Vidyard for Gmail Chrome extension. 


  • Vidyard for Gmail feature enabled in Vidyard (To enable this feature, contact your Account Manager)
  • A Google account

Install the extension

  1. Visit the Vidyard for Gmail Chrome extension in the Chrome web store. 
  2. Click + Add to Chrome
    + Add to Chrome
  3. On the Add "Vidyard for Gmail" popup, click Add extension.
    Add extension.
  4. You will receive a notification that it has been successfully installed. 
    Successful install message.
  5. Compose an email in Gmail.
  6. Use the arrow icon in the bottom right corner of your new email and ensure that Plain Text Mode is not checked.
    Note: If Plain Text Mode is checked, your linked thumbnail will not appear in the email.
    The Plain text mode button in a gmail message.
  7. You will now see a V-bot icon in your email edit options. Click the icon to sign into your Vidyard account.
    Gmail compose message V-bot icon.
  8. You can sign in using your Vidyard account, or your Google account if you're using the same email for Gmail and Vidyard.
    Sign into Vidyard screen offering Vidyard credentials, or a Sign in with Google button.
  9. Add Vidyard videos to your email
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