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Record a video to send in Gmail

With Vidyard for Gmail you can easily add a Vidyard video player into a Gmail message, right from inside Gmail! The Vidyard for Gmail Chrome extension gives you the ability to attach videos from your Vidyard groups, upload a new video, or even to record your own video and instantly attach it to your email.

Remember - you can add uploaded videos, videos from your Vidyard video library, and videos you record from your webcam all to the same player. To learn how to upload a video to a Gmail message, follow the steps below. 

Note: If you have not installed the Vidyard for Gmail Chrome extension into your Google account, you'll need to do that first. 

  1. In your Gmail account, click Compose to compose a new message.
  2. Click the V-Bot icon to open the Vidyard extension.  
    V-Bot icon in Compose message editor.
  3. Click the Upload tab.
  4. Click Record Video. To start recording your video, click Create from Webcam
    Record Video, Create from Webcam
  5. Record a personal video message for your prospective customer! 
  6. When you are finished recording, click the recording screen to stop the recording. 
    Video records from your webcam, right in-app!
  7. Once you are finished recording, the video you've just recorded will play back so you can review your message. You can click the screen again to skip the preview. 
  8. If you are satisfied with your video message, click Accept. You can also play the preview again, or re-record your video if you're not quite satisfied with it.
    Accept, Preview, or Re-record the video.
  9. The video will upload and be added to your video library. Click Edit Video
    Note: The video will be saved to your Vidyard group's guest account. The name of this account will be 'Personal Account' in the Vidyard for Gmail app.
    Edit video.
  10. Add a name and description for the video. Click Save Changes
    Name and description fields, click Save Changes.
  11. Click Library and search for your video by its name. 
  12. Click your video to add it to your playlist.
    Your recorded video can be found in Vidyard library.
  13. You can also upload videos or add videos from your Vidyard video library, and put them all in this playlist. 
  14. Click the X icon to remove a video from your playlist, and click the up and down arrows to rearrange the videos in your playlist. 
    Note: All the videos in your playlist will be played in one video player. The order of your playlist will determine the playback order.  
  15. Click Attach when you are happy with your playlist. 
    Rearrange your playlist.
  16. Your new player will be attached to your email as a linked thumbnail. That's it, you're ready to go - finish writing your new email and send it off!
    Video email message in Gmail.
  17. When your viewer clicks the thumbnail link, the player will open in a sharing page. Any videos you added to the playlist will be played in this player.

As soon as your viewer clicks the video, you'll get an email from Vidyard  with all the info on your viewer's engagement that you need to help you close the deal! 

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