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Embed video on an Oracle Eloqua landing page

Using the Vidyard Player Embed service you can embed videos directly from your Vidyard account into your Oracle Eloqua landing pages.

To access the Vidyard Player Embed service you simply need to have the Vidyard for Oracle Eloqua app installed. 

To embed a video: 

  1. Under Assets, click Landing Pages
    Click Landing Page in Assets menu.
  2. Create or open the landing page where you want to embed a player. 
  3. In the left menu, click Cloud Content
    Cloud Content is found in the left menu of the Landing Page.
  4. In the Cloud Content menu, search or scroll to find the Vidyard Player Embed service. 
    In the Cloud Content list, search for Vidyard Video Embed.
  5. Click and drag the Vidyard Player Embed service, and drop it on your landing page. 
    Drag Vidyard Video Embed onto the page.
  6. Double click the container to configure it. Log into Vidyard if prompted. 
  7. Click to select one of your players.
    Note: You can manage additional player settings from within your Vidyard dashboard.
    A selected player is highlighted green.
  8. Adjust the width, height and embed settings as needed. 
    Note: Ensure the container size matches your player size to ensure that the full player is visible.
    A selected player is highlighted green.
  9. Scroll to the bottom of the player and click Submit Player
    Submit player button is at the bottom of the list of players.
  10. Click X to close the window. 
  11. Move the Vidyard component to the desired location on your landing page.

That's it! The player will now appear on your landing page. 

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