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Set up the Vidyard for Pardot direct integration

With Vidyard's direct integration into Pardot, you can track specific video view data into custom fields on your Pardot prospect records.

You'll receive data on each prospect, including:

  • How many different video players they've watched
  • The total time they've spend watching your video content
  • Plus their most recently watched video

This data is represented in the field names Vidyard Videos Viewed, Vidyard Video Viewing Duration and Most Recent Vidyard Video respectively.

Vidyard Requirements 

  • A Vidyard account 
  • Vidyard for Pardot integration
    Note: If you do not have the Pardot integration, contact your Account Manager.

Pardot Requirements 

  • Pardot Pro or Ultimate edition
  • Administrator access to Pardot 

To set up the Vidyard for Pardot direct integration, complete the following steps:

We can now associate your Pardot instance to your Vidyard account. To do this, complete the following steps:

  1. Log into Vidyard. 
  2. From the Group menu, select Integrations
  3. In the Pardot section, provide the username and password for a Pardot administrator account.
    Vidyard Pardot configuration fields include User Name, Password, User Key, and Campaign Id.
  4. Enter the Pardot User API Key. To find the user API key in Pardot: 
    1. Log into Pardot.
    2. In the top-right corner, hover over the account name and click Settings.
      Settings menu option.
    3. Under My User Information, find the API User Key
  5. If you would like Vidyard to create prospects for you in Pardot for known viewers, enter a Campaign ID. The campaign ID should be obtained from the URL bar of your browser when viewing the campaign in Pardot:
    The Pardot Campaign URL ends in /read/id and a set of 5 numbers, which is the campaign Id.
  6. Click Sync with Pardot
  7. Your Pardot organization will be displayed when the sync is successful. 

That’s it! Now that you have successfully configured the Vidyard for Pardot integration, you can begin segmenting and scoring your prospects based on their video views.

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