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Embed a Vidyard player on a Pardot landing page

Once your Vidyard Account is integrated with Pardot, we want to ensure your Vidyard videos can be shared with your prospects in a meaningful way.

Here are the steps to embed a Vidyard video on a Pardot landing page:

Get the Embed Code for your Player

Check out our article on embedding your player for the steps to get the embed code for your player. It's good to keep in mind that you need to use the JavaScript embed code in order to view Vidyard data in Pardot. For more detail, read about selecting an embed code here.

Embed the Player on a Pardot Landing Page.

  1. Login to your Pardot account.
  2. Create a new landing page or edit an existing one. For help with this step, you can check out Pardot's Guide on Creating a Landing Page.
  3. You'll add the embed code for your player in the Landing Page Content step of Pardot's landing page creation process.
    Breadcrumb trail for Pardot landing page creation process, highlighting Step 4: Landing Page Content.
  4. Click on the Edit HTML button.
    Edit HTML icon on the Landing Page editor.
  5. Paste the embed code for your player.
    The Pardot Landing Page editor with a Vidyard embed code.
  6. Click Confirm & Save to save your changes.
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