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How to add a Vidyard Video Hub into your Salesforce tab

It's very simple to add a tab with your Vidyard Video Hub into Salesforce! Just follow these quick steps and you'll be up and running. 

Note: This is not a feature of the Vidyard for Salesforce integration, is it just a way to use your Salesforce tabs. Because of this, users will have to log into authenticated Video Hubs from within Salesforce. 

  1. Under Create in your Salesforce menu, click Tabs.
  2. Under Web Tabs click New.  
  3. Select Full page width, then click Next
    Navigating through the Salesforce menu.
  4. Fill out the fields with the following information:
    • Tab Type: URL
    • Tab Label: Vidyard Hub
    • Tab Name: Vidyard_Hub
    • Tab Style: Widescreen
    • Content frame height: 1743
    • Optionally, add a description for your Hub.
      Defining Content and display properties for Salesforce Hubs.
  5. Click Next.
  6. Fill out the fields with the following information: 
    • Under Available Merge Fields select Organizational Fields. 
    • Button or Link URL:{!User.Email}
      Note: Adding the vyemail query string to the above URL will identify your Salesforce Users to Vidyard, so you can track who is watching which video.  
      Salesforce Tab setup, entering the URL
  7. Click Save

You now have Vidyard Video Hub tab! 

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