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Check viewing statistics in Salesforce

Get ready to unlock the next level of customer engagement by harnessing your video marketing assets with the power of Vidyard and Salesforce.

Vidyard’s partnership with Salesforce brings you meaningful viewership statistics along with a simple way to share videos with your leads and contacts.

Send a Vidyard email to reach contacts or nurture leads right from the familiar Salesforce interface you are already accustomed to, or securely share videos to Chatter. View Vidyard’s data analytics in Salesforce to measure how much of your content has been watched by each individual and gauge the effectiveness of your video material.

You can see personalized viewer analytics for your leads and contacts inside of Salesforce. This allows you to measure the effectiveness of your video assets by examining data such as:

  • Date watched
  • Number of times the viewed was viewed
  • Number of seconds watched
  • Percentage of video watched
  • Group name
  • Player name
  • Chapter
  • View ID
  • Video UUID
  1. To view individual statistics, complete the following steps:
  2. Log into Salesforce.
  3. Find the lead or contact for which you wish to view the statistics.
  4. Hover over the Video Views link to see a summary of their video data.
    Video views summary.
  5. Click the Video Views link to view the complete set of available data in a related list.
    Video views list.

Note: If a user's email address exists as both a Lead and a Contact in Salesforce, Vidyard will write Video View data to both the Lead and Contact record. Vidyard creates new Leads for email addresses identified by an email gate or vyemail string that don't already exist in a Salesforce instance. New Leads are Created By and Owned By the Salesforce user who established the OAuth connection with Vidyard. If you would like video view data to only be written for Contacts and Leads that already exist in your Salesforce instance, you can contact your Customer Success Manager.

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