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How to create custom fields in a Vidyard Lead Capture Event


  1. Hover over the Player and click Events.
  2. Click Add Event.Add Event Button
  3. Click Lead Capture, then Add Event.Select Lead Capture
  4. In the Event Builder fill in the Field and ID then click Add Field.
    To find the correct field ID:
    • Any field you create in this form must first exist in your MAP or CRM.
    • The ID is simply the name of the field in your MAP or CRM, with multiple words separated by a hyphen (field-name). Example: For a field named Date of Birth in your MAP, enter date-of-birth into the ID field for your lead capture form.
      For help figuring out the name of a field in your MAP or CRM, consult your platform's documentation.
  5. Once all fields are made, click Done
    • If you want form submissions to be sent to an email address, toggle Send emails to ON and enter an email.

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