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Why is my Branded Sharing Page not inheriting in my ViewedIt group?


With ViewedIt Enterprise, Branded Sharing Pages from the parent group can be inherited down to individual ViewedIt sub-groups. This article is to help troubleshoot situations in which shared ViewedIt content does not display on the appropriate Branded Sharing Page.  


When navigating to a ViewedIt sharing page, the player will display on a webpage which does not match the design of the Branded Sharing Page in Vidyard parent group.


This issue can be caused by a lack of connection to the parent account (either due to Branded Sharing Page feature settings or the inherited settings being overridden) or the sharing page being disabled. 


  1. For cases where the "Sharing Page" setting has been disabled, check the General Player Settings and re-enable as needed. Default Player Settings should also be checked to ensure that future generated content does not encounter a similar issue. 
  2. In situations where the Branded Sharing Page settings have been overridden, a delete option will be present at the bottom of the "Settings" tab. Clicking this will opt to re-inherit the branded sharing page layout from the parent.
  3. If none of the previous options fix your issue, please contact your account CSM or to confirm your account settings. 

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