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ViewedIt icon in Gmail is missing (for ViewedIt only)


The ViewedIt extension work best for Gmail. It gives you the ability to attach videos from your ViewedIt library by clicking the v-buddy Icon.

Gmail new message window with ViewedIt icon showing in the taskbar


You recorded a video and wanted to send it to others by using your Gmail, but the ViewedIt Icon seems to be missing.


  • Reloading extension while your Gmail is open.
  • Gmail is not associated with any ViewedIt account
  • Other causes


Make sure that you are using the exact Gmail account that is associated with your ViewedIt account.

To check which Gmail account is currently active with your ViewedIt:

  • Right click your ViewedIt extension
  • Choose "options" 
  • See the email address listed under the "Account" heading

ViewedIt menu with sign out option

If the email listed under the Account section is the same as your Gmail account:

  • Try signing in and out of your Gmail account to refresh the ViewedIt extension.

If the email address listed under the Account section is different than the Gmail account to which your ViewedIt extension is associated:

  • Log in to the correct Gmail account in order to access your ViewedIt extension.

Happy Recording!

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