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How do I add custom fonts to Vidyard Events?


Sometimes the fonts built into editors just don't match company branding, or they don't have the look and feel that you need for your content. In these cases, it is beneficial to use some of your own purchased or created fonts in your events to get them looking just right.


Text appearing in events does not match your branding or desired look.


The fonts that you are looking for are not automatically available in the Events Editor for selection, and may be brand specific.


Video walkthrough:

To add custom fonts into Vidyard Events:

  1. Add an event to your player and open the source editor in the WYSIWYG editor
  2. Add a link to the external stylesheet for the font to the editor.
    Example: <link href="" rel="stylesheet">
  3. Add the font family to your CSS for the event to the editor ex.
p {

This will then allow any text added to the event using a <p> tag to appear in the Barrio font format. 

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