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How do I embed a video into Campaign Monitor?


Campaign Monitor is a platform designed to send marketing campaigns, with the option to embed video.


When you paste a sharing page link into the video option, the software will return an Invalid Format error, suggesting that the link is not Vimeo or YouTube.

In the Campaign Monitor and alert displays an Invalid Format Error where the video was embedded.


Campaign Monitor has placed this video restriction within their software.


The solution is to embed an image of the thumbnail and then link this image to the sharing page.

1. In Vidyard,  go to the sharing page for the player, press the Email tab and then copy the link shown after src= and ending with =1

The player sharing tab in the Vidyard dashboard. Under the Email tab the image source is highlighted.

2. Copy that link into a browser address bar and press Enter. This should display the splash-screen image with a play button. Right click and save this to your machine.

The right click on the splash-screen image and select the Save Image As option. 3. Head back to the share page in Vidyard and copy the link shown after href=.

The source URL is highlighted in the Embed Code option within the Vidyard player share tab. 4. Now head back over to Campaign Monitor. Instead of adding a 'Video', choose a new 'Image'.

Image Button within Campaign Monitor.

5. Choose the splash screen image that you have downloaded to your machine.

Choose File Option is located under Add an image.

6. You should see the splash screen with a play button in the preview. Now paste the URL into the 'Link' box and add your Alt text. 

The alt text and link fields are located on the left side menu within the Campaign Monitor.

This completes the process. 

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