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How do I enable or disable autoplay on an inline embedded player?


One of the abilities of a Vidyard Player is to automatically play after the page loads. This is known as 'autoplay'. 

You may be in the situation where you don't have access to the player settings in the platform, but are hoping to dictate whether a player will autoplay or not. Alternatively, you may have a desire to embed the same player in two different places, one having autoplay enabled and the other not.


You will be able to use an additional query string within the Javascript embed code to determine whether autoplay is enabled on a 'per embed basis'. 

<script type="text/javascript" id="vidyard_embed_code_<uuid>" src="//<uuid>.js?v=3.1.1&type=inline&autoplay=1"></script>

Use autoplay=1 for enabled, and autoplay=0 for disabled. The order of the query strings are not important, but the first one must start with ? and others start with &

You can find out more information about overriding player settings with query strings in this article.

If you are only embedding the player into one place and have access to the platform, you can also consider using the player behaviour settings

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