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How do I get my player to redirect to a different page after a Marketo form has been filled?


Marketo forms have the ability to be configured to go to a different URL when submitted. When you bring the form over to Vidyard, the redirect does not occur. 


We are able to use the form layout within Vidyard, but not all of the functionality can be transferred over.


If you have embedded the form in the 'post-roll' section (an event that will occur at the end of playback), you can use the Events settings button to configure a redirect when the player has finished.

On the events page, click the settings button to the right of the scrub bar.Use the dropdown and select 'redirect to URL'.

Ensure that the 'Redirect the whole page' is toggled to ON, unless you wish to display the page within the frame of the player.

Enter URL and toggle the button to ON to redirect the whole page.

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