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Can profiles for Visualforce Pages be set up?


You might come across the 'Insufficient privileges' error with users trying to access Vidyard pages in Salesforce.


If the Vidyard app was installed under admin permissions only under the Step 9 from the configuration guide, it would be necessary to perform an extra step to configure the profile permissions under the Visualforce pages.

To fix this, select the Setup button at the top right of the page or listed as a drop-down option when you click on your name.

The Setup option is under the Your Name dropdown list

In the left toolbar Navigate to  'App Setup -> Develop -> Visualforce Pages' . You can also use the Search bar at the top to look for the 'Visualforce Pages' directly.
The Visualforce Pages is under the Develop heading.

This will take you to the Visualforce Pages options depending on your integration you might have different options Select the 'V' at the top to filter the results alphabetically. 

The Visualforce pages sorted alphabetically.

Look for the Vidyard Visualforce pages listed bellow, and click on Security for each one:

Depending on your organization you will need to add the correct profiles to the 'Enabled Profiles' list on the right and click 'Save'

Once the profiles have been added, the users under these profiles should have access now to the Visualforce pages.

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