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Why are the videos on my dashboard and library different than what I am expecting to see?


The Vidyard dashboard contains a list of the players that have been created for the particular group you have joined. This principle also applies to the Video Library.


You may see players that do not belong to your personal recordings, or simply a different set to what you are expecting to see. You may also be searching for a player or video that you know exists and no results are returned.


You have joined or have been invited to a group that's different to the one you need to be in. 

In many situations, you will have either:

  1. Been added to more than one group and navigated away from it in a previous session.
  2. Received an invitation to an incorrect group.
  3. You are an Admin of your parent group and have joined a subgroup. 


In order to change the group you are in, use the Group icon on the left hand menu and click on Change Group.

Left menu for 'Group' and then the Change Group button

You will then be presented with a list of groups that you belong to. Simply click on the group that contains the players & videos that you are looking for. 

If the group does not exist in this list, you will need to contact the Vidyard Admin in your organization and inform them of the situation. From there they will be able to invite you to the correct group and remove any necessary access to others.

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