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Why can't I use oEmbed links in Wordpress so that the videos play on my website? (plugin solution)


Wordpress and Vidyard support the use of oEmbed technology. This allows the automatic conversion of hyperlinks into inline players. oEmbed technology provides the easiest way to embed our players and also the best viewing experience when JavaScript and iframes are blocked, as the user does not need to click on a text hyperlink in order to watch the video content.


When you add a hyperlink to a page, you notice that the link does not convert to a player. Any of the following links should be supported:


* = UUID of the player
** = Chosen subdomain for BSP or Hub


There are two possibilities why this can happen. 

  1. If you are using, which is the cloud-hosted version of Wordpress, it is not possible to implement inline players using any method at this time. Vidyard is currently not whitelisted as an oEmbed provider, although we are in process of becoming one.

    You will need to continue embedding the clickable hyperlinks as a method for your viewers to watch the video.

  2. If you are using a self-hosted version of Wordpress ( then you do not have the oEmbed whitelist configuration set correctly. 


The quickest way to add Vidyard to the oEmbed whitelist is to drop a vidyard-wordpress-plugin.php file into your Plugins directory. 

See our article on the Vidyard for Wordpress plugin for full details.

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