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Why does my ViewedIt Add-in keep disabling itself in Outlook?


Outlook has some built in systems to help itself run more smoothly, including the ability to enable or disable Add-Ins based on the amount of time they take to load. 

If applications exceed this expected load time, they will become disabled on Outlook Startup. 

Even after enabling the Add-In, this process will run again the next time the program is started which may result in needing to enable each time that Outlook is run.


Each time Outlook is opened, the ViewedIt Add-In is not there to use. Even if you re-enable it, the next time you close and open Outlook, the Add-In is not there. 


The user does not have permission to enable Add-In permanently or Outlook has deemed that the Add-In is loading too slowly and has disabled it. 


If insufficient privileges: 

  1. Close Outlook. 
  2. Open Outlook as an administrator. (right-click on the Outlook icon and select Run as Administrator
  3. Go through the steps to enable Outlook Add-In Close. 
  4. Restart Outlook as a normal user.

If Outlook is disabling automatically:

  1. Open Outlook
  2. Check in the top ribbon for a message indicating that Add-Ins have been disabled
  3. Click on File > Info > and select "Slow and Disabled Add-ins"
  4. Select Always Enable this add-in below Vidyard for Outlook

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