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Will the embed code option on a player be blocked if I have a 'pop up blocker' in a browser?


Within the sharing options is Embed. When this is selected, a pop-up will appear with the embed code.


All of the options within the sharing section of a player will load a new window. 

Pop-ups are generally blocked by a browser extension when a page visitor has not performed an action on the page. In the case of choosing an option on the player - clicking on that option would deem to be 'safe' by most pop-up blockers. 
For example, Popup Blocker Pro for Chrome can be installed and there are not any problems with the Embed Code window showing. 
We have not heard of any situations where this causes a problem for viewers, although we understand that if something extremely restrictive was in place in the browser, it could be a different situation. Please feel free to contact if you continue to experience a problem.

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