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Player vs video: What's the difference?

Understanding the difference between a player and video will help you navigate the Vidyard platform.

The Player

Before a video can be hosted on the Vidyard platform, a player must be created. Each player is a stand-alone container for storing and playing video content. Think of your player as a shell or enclosure that contains videos. A player can have multiple videos contained within it, and supports embedding and social sharing options. 

Below is an example of a Vidyard Player. Shown are the media controls (play/pause button, time slider, volume, HD toggle and full screen toggle), and the sharing and video navigation buttons.
View of a Vidyard player

The share button allows visitors to embed your video elsewhere, and share your player on various social networks.
A Share menu is overlayed on the left side of the player, giving social sharing and embed options.

The Playlist button slides open a playlist navigation menu, allowing viewers to easily navigate between the videos within your Player.
The playlist menu is overlayed on the left side of the player, showing all the videos in the player, in order.

Each player has embed code that is unique to that player. The embed code allows you to insert the player into your website.

Learn how to create a player here. 

Learn how to add a playlist to your player here. 

The Videos

A video refers to the individual source video content that you wish to share online to your potential clients and community. Vidyard allows you to upload your own videos, or add a YouTube video to your players. Videos that have previously been uploaded to Vidyard can also be added to multiple players.

A single player can have one or more videos, and additional videos can be added to a player at any time without having to re-embed the player in your website.

A player will play all of its videos in sequence. When editing a player, you can add or remove videos, or change the video playlist order.

Learn to change the videos in your player here.

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